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Filosoofia ja tööpõhimõtted

Trakai District (120 274 ha area, 38.2 thousand inhabitants) is one of the most beautiful and historically interesting regions in Lithuania. Trakai land is famous not only for its picturesque environs abounding in lakes (200 lakes, biggest of which are Galvė, Vilkokšnis, Skaistis), but it also boasts a big number of unique historical and cultural valuables. In order to preserve them, Trakai Historical National (1991) and Aukštadvaris Regional (1992) Parks were established. Administrative Centre of the District is Trakai town (about 7 thousand inhabitants) situated on the peninsula surrounded by lakes.The town is a famous Lithuanian tourism and recreation centre, while the well-known Island castle represents Lithuania for 500 years by now: in the past, it was visited by European sovereigns and their messengers; honourable visitors of Lithuanian state still pay visits to the castle.
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Trakai castle, Trakai pils